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PO Box 97
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Phone: 620-324-5547
Fax: 620-324-5297


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USD #502 Plan for Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services


All staff and students are given instructions and demonstrate how to correctly use a mask. Approved masks are supplied for all staff, students, and visitors.

Cohort grouping of students will be implemented like the 2020-21 school year if Covid-19 cases rise to a level that constitute the change. 6 feet distancing between students, staggered lunch and recess periods, and plexiglass barriers will be utilized to separate students/staff.

Hourly handwashing will be required by all students and staff.

Air purifying equipment was installed in the HVAC system. Touchless hand washing and drying, as well as touchless water bottle filling are installed and will be utilized. Custodians will disinfect all student areas before school and mid-day with a fogging system.

Contact tracing will be conducted in conjunction with the Edwards County Health Department and will follow all recommended quarantining procedures developed by KSDE.

Accommodations will be made for staff and students to get tested for Covid=19 during school hours in cooperation with the Edwards County Health Department.

USD #502 will make our facilities available for vaccination clinics (if needed) and will make accommodations for any eligible staff member to paid time off from work to get the vaccination.

Appropriate accommodations for hand washing, cohort grouping, mask wearing, etc. will be made for students with disabilities to insure their health and safety.

Regular communication will occur with the Edwards County Health Department and KDHE to insure the most up to date data and recommendations are being utilized to guide decision making as it relates to Covid related restrictions.

Part II.

USD #502 will offer a summer enrichment program for all students entering 1st-6th grade. The program is designed to help students with learning loss caused by the pandemic. Parents are encouraged to participate in the program by accompanying their child on summer field trips.

An At-Risk para-educator and pre-school para-educator will work with students with most severe learning loss caused by the pandemic.

Counseling services, which include individual student sessions and classroom instruction, are available for all students from the school counselor. Staff development activities at the beginning of the year and monthly at staff meetings will include teacher collaboration and group discussions of strategies for addressing social/emotional needs of the staff.

The summer lunch program with hot lunches is offered to all children in our community. The summer enrichment academic program and the lunch program are offered together so that more students can be served a hot lunch and breakfast daily throughout the summer.

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